Again, moving the story forward.

Nonetheless, this is still how I feel about the state of undergraduate education in this country. In my opinion, most work skills are learned on the job. Particularly in our industry. You learn that people gain more from experience than any sort of formal education. We don’t show any respect to someone who went to bartending school. We would prefer someone who, I don’t know, might have at least worked in a restaurant. We can teach you to bartend, let me know first that you have the basic skills of customer interaction. I don’t care how many cocktail drink recipes from the 1800’s you know, let me know you can handle a bar that’s three deep on a Tuesday night when you don’t have half the support staff.

I think most professions feel this way about college these days. It used to be a high school degree might get you into an entry level position. Now you need an undergrad. And most employers know an undergraduate degree holder has little to no skills. They are an investment at best. Apparently you now need a masters to be taken seriously. All I hear is the sound of debt piling up. But don’t take my word for it.

p.s. Note the shout out to my alma mater Oregon in this comic. That detail is my first true stab at the underlying humor I started to utilize in later comics.