As I’ve been looking through the old comics, I’m getting excited to begin again. I still haven’t a clue what the first joke will be, but I am starting to think about it.

I’ve also noticed that the comic started to really get dialed in around Comic #90 or so (Of roughly 130). I think that is when the writing started to come together and the personalities began to emerge. I don’t dislike these early ones, but they do seem a little crude in comparison to where the comic gets to. A lot of the art hasn’t been flushed out (color appears around comic #23) and the layout is still getting tweaked. Line weights change quite around a bit early on. It probably took a good 50 comics or so to get the basics down and from there art quality continued to improve.

Just glancing through, I can tell which comics I didn’t have enough time to work on (usually rather basic, boring backgrounds). The bar background was the first time I started storing backgrounds and reusing them. It took me quite a while to do, but ended up looking so good that I reuse it whenever I can. The wine rack background will probably never be seen again. That comic took an extra few hours as I discovered what I thought was going to be simple actually turned out to we rather complex. I’ll talk about it more when we get to the comic.

This comic was basically just to get the story moving. I need Jack desperate for a job. The sort of desperation that leads a lot of people to the industry.

I know there will be the early confusion about some of the characters. I remember that before I added color and made some minor adjustments, people struggle telling Jack, Ryan and Ian apart. I’ll do my part to help along with that.

Obviously these first few are Jack. I don’t think Ian or Ryan appear until around the 10-12th comics. Jack is the recent college grad who is about to lie his way into a serving job. Basically he gets a crash course in restaurants as he goes crashing around. He started out as the focal point of the comic and probably still will be at the center of it since the FNGs make all the fun mistakes.

But I make sure not to have him on every shift. The fun part of a restaurant is that you get a different group of people every day, so I remember trying to make every shift a little different when I was writing the comic. As I move forward, Jack won’t be as major a character, but still will be one of the most frequently seen.